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When you go on the Bachelor or Bachelorette, you have the choice of choosing your potential husband or wife. There have been many fan favorites throughout the last few years, so for those of you who can't pick a favorite contestant...we've made it a little easier. They always say, you are what you drink, right? Well, in the following blog post, we've combined some of the most popular bachelor contestants with the alcoholic drink that we think best fits their personality! If you see your favorite drink...maybe the bachelor contestant it's paired with is your future sole mate/ spirit animal!


Comment on your favorite pairing, tell us your bachelor predictions, give us a an idea for a contestant we didn't cover,  or comment your opinion on a booze that better represents a contestant and we will be picking 10 lucky a winners for $15 off gift card!! 

1. Nick- Whiskey Sour: yep, we started with the man of the year. I thought Whiskey sour would best fit Nick because for one, very very reliable sources tell me he's a whiskey drinker, and two, everyone has mixed feelings about Nick. He was characterized as the narcissistic villain during his first airing on the Bachelorette, by his second feature, Bachelor nation began to accept him gradually, and by BIP he became #1 in our hearts. The whole u-turn-role reversal in character between Nick and Josh during BIP had us feeling a little hungover about the boys. Nick is mysterious...he's sour, he's sweet, he always keeps us guessing!
2. JoJo-Hot Pepper: JoJo is the spirit animal of many. The hair, the clothes, the smile, the attitude...we loved . In a way, Jojo is perfectly imperfect, and everything we want to be. Hot Pepper is for JoJo because she characterizes both ingredients. She is Dr. Pepper because she seems like the All-American, low-Maintenance, Waffle House over Tavern on The Green kinda girl. To me, she's fireball because the first time I tried fireball, my first actions, after cringing, were "tastes like Christmas." Christmas is jolly...Jojo is jolly...Fireball tastes like Christmas...therefore...Jojo is fireball. 
#3. Chris Soules-Moonshine: This is a bit stereotypical but Chris is moonshine because Chris is a farmer. Once he became more famous and more outgoing I would call him a Margarita Moonshine...if that is a thing. 
#4. The Twins- Jello Shots: The twins remind me of being a fun freshman in college. Being a fun freshman in college reminds me of jello shots. AMIRITE?
#5. Ben Higgins- Bock Beer: Okay...this one is very very far fetched and I'm sure someone could come up with something much better, but this is my logic...Ben is charming...he's like a Disney or Fairy-tale Prince... Some of the most popular fairy-tales were originated in Germany by the Brothers Grimm....Bock Beer is one of the most popular beers in Germany...Therefore, Ben is Bock Beer. **(but honestly, i put him as this because he is my favorite and my last name is Bock)
#6. Lauren Bushnell- Blueberry Wine: Lauren, like her fiance, Ben, is much like a fairy-tale character as well. She is classy like wine and sweet like Blueberries. Plus, her baby blue limo gown totally screamed Cinderella. 
#7. Chad: Straight Vodka- I don't know... I just feel like he's that guy. But if not straight than mixed with protein powder. 
#8. Chris Harrison- Champagne: BIG DADDY HIMSELF! He deserves to be champagne...this man has seen a lot over the last years and has remained a class act. Plus, one of my favorite Chris Harrison-isms is when he is trying to get the contestants attention, so he clinks a champagne class. He is the Gatsby of reality tv. We love you Chris Harrison. 
Of course we cannot forget Grey Suede's FAVORITE contestant to ever grace Bachelor Nation's history!!!!
#9. Raven Gates-Bloody Mary: No other drink than the Bloody Mary would fit Raven! The drink is an iconic brunch stapleand also doubles as a popular hair of the dog hangover cure, as well. Like Raven, the Bloody Mary is's unlike most of youbaseball diamond of normalcy, the two are somewhere outside of left fieldRaven is unlike any other girl I know. When creating the Which Bachelor Contestant Would You Be quiz, I literally had no idea which answer choices Raven would choose because none of them are her. Raven could come up with an excellent, time taking, creative idea, very last minute and have it executed to perfection five minutes before it is due, with no sweat. She's fun, adventurous, fierce and will always be there when you need her, much like the Bloody Mary. Not to mention she's a bit sassy and spicy as well!


If this post doesn't make you thirsty I'm not sure what will! Have a great Monday Grey Suede Girls! And Don't forget to watch Grey Suede's founder: Raven Gates on ABC's The Bachelor, Monday January 2nd, at 7pm!

xoxoxoxoxo-Caroline Bock