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Fashion Always Repeats Itself

Personally, one of my favorite things about fashion is that it is always repeating itself. I remember the first time I fell in love with fashion. I was in fifth grade. My great aunt had given me a peace sign medallion that I had admired for several years. She had bought it from a group of traveling hippies on the side of the road in the early seventies. She had told me she knew peace signs weren’t really the latest “fad” at the moment, but that style cycles. Fashion is historical, and just like how history repeats itself, fashion does as well. So before you throw out those early 2000’s camo cargo pants and platform flip flops… you might want to wait a few decades!

Check Out Below: a few ways fashion has repeated itself at Grey Suede:









Thanks So Much For Reading and to models Courtney Sears (@court10sears) and Nell Holleman (Nelltella)

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